Photo credit: Anders Brinckmeyer
Photo credit: Anders Brinckmeyer

Interesting food projects in the city

Food & Talk | Monday, Feb 18 | 7pm


Come and join us for our next Food & Talk - this is going to be an inspiring evening, where we are talking about sustainable living in general and in the the city!

We are delighted to welcome CEO of the Danish Food Bank Karen-Inger Thorsen, Oliver Maxwell CEO of Bybi, and Frédéric Hamburger founder of LØS Market.

With this line-up we are sure to have an interesting evening talking about food waste, sustainable living and produce.

In the past five years Denmark has become one of the leading European countries in the fight against food waste, but in 2015 we were also on the 2. place in Europe for producing waste. How can these perspectives become a catalyst for a more sustainable and inclusive society, where we take care of each other and the environment?

This evening we will try and come up with 3 very specific suggestions to how we can use less packaging, produce less food waste, buy our groceries in another way, change the food systems in the city in everyday life.

You're welcome earlier - the house is open.

This is an event in Danish.

Ticket is DKK 150 and includes a delicious vegan soup.