“Cooking is profoundly about living, so living in an era where the industry has taken over that part of people’s lives is such an unimagined paradox.”

Trine’s book is a love letter to her native Denmark, the attitude to life known as hygge, and why cooking fresh, homemade and nourishing food is so important. 

The book centres on how to have a relaxed, homely time with friends and family in over 130 recipes. Think enjoying a long summer evening over a selection of fresh homemade treats, or hot chocolate served at intimate family get-togethers. With hygge, Trine shares an important part of her culture that is good for the soul, teaching us how to be kind to ourselves and nd contentment.

Scandinavian Comfort Food is full of fresh, seasonal ingredients to create a balance of indulgent and wholesome recipes – from barbecued langoustines and meringue layer cake, to radicchio with blueberries and sweet rye rolls. Whatever the occasion, get ready to cosy up and embrace the art of hygge.