“Som barn elskede jeg denne ukonventionelle måde at spise på i vores lille køkken, bare min mor og mig, som regel på aftener hvor min morfar havde sendt os en virkelig god spegepølse fra hans lokale slagter. Jeg husker stadig smagen af spegepølse på rugbrød i vores køkken i København.”

Smørrebrød er en unik dansk spise, og en af de største danske bidrag til verdens madkultur. I "Open sandwiches" fortæller Trine om historien bag denne unikke danske spise og inspirerer dig til smørrebrød til enhver lejlighed. Bogen er udgivet på engelsk og dansk


Smørrebrød can be literally translated as ‘butter on bread’, but it is so much more than that. It is a Danish food culture at the heart of many homes and the basis of many Danes’ everyday eating. Whether it takes the basic form of humble madder or the more elaborate smørrebrød, it is a huge part of their every day eating and something for which they are incredibly proud. Such is the love for these meals that every Dane has their favourite smørrebrød, and occasions vary from a lunch on the go to more elaborate a airs with friends and family.

Danish chef Trine Hahnemann has loved this way of eating since she was
a small child, devouring these homemade delights on the beach with her grandfather.
Open Sandwiches is an invitation for you, too, to enjoy the pleasure of a simple and delicious meal made with quality ingredients and care.

Featuring different smørrebrøds for every season and each mood, you can enjoy herring, duck with chicory and apple, and salted brisket with horseradish on dark, cosy evenings in and opt for prawns, soft leeks with eggs and vinaigrette in warmer weather, and one or two can make a loving Sunday supper. There are delicious concoctions for the sweet-toothed, too. Enjoy sliced banana, strawberries, raspberries and chocolate on rye, or g & date paste with raisin and apple.

Discover the Unwritten Rules of smørrebrød and the History of many a delicious Danish meal as Trine shares her traditions with the world and encourages more people to enjoy a piece of unique Danish gastronomy on super-healthy, tasty rye bread.

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