This event is part of Copenhagen Cooking Festival.

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Popup with Amanda Cohen & Trine Hahnemann

Popup | Thursday, August 30, 2018 | 7.00pm


We invite you to experience a delicious dinner based on greens, when Trine joins forces with her friend and colleague, acclaimed chef Amanda Cohen from New York.

Trine and Amanda met at Terroir Symposium in Canada last year. They share a philosophy and together will prepare a very special 6-course-dinner based on seasonable organic vegetables for you.

Trine is a cook and food writer, and a passionate advocate for sustainable solutions. She has been running her company Hahnemanns Køkken for 25 years as canteen catering business and has published many books in Danish and English. This year she fulfilled her dream by opening a food place, where production and consumption, theory and praxis, curiosity and knowledge and ultimately her national and international friends, colleagues and followers could meet.

Amanda Cohen is a chef and cookbook writer. Her cookbook is the first graphic novel cookbook, currently in its 7thprinting. She owns the award-winning vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy in NYC. While she is not a vegetarian or religious about this diet choice, she believes in and enjoys exploring the potential of the “candy of the soil” (hence the name for her restaurant “dirt candy”).

Her restaurant has been recognized in the Michelin Guide for the past years and won many other awards. Amanda was also the first to eliminate tipping and instead shares the profits with her employees.

You can imagine, that this will be a very special feast!


The following courses will be served

Vegetables from Stenbølgaard and fermented black beans

Cauliflower, palm cabbage and butter

Tomatoes, Feta and herbs

Portobello and season fruit

Cabbage celery in three ways

Buttermilk panna cotta, gooseberries and walnut meringue

For dinner there will be wines from Fred Loimer Austria


Join us and dive into these vegetable lovers’ universe!

The ticket for the 6-course-dinner is DKK 550 and can be bought on Madbillet.