Mass extinction of insects worldwide

Food & Talk | Monday March 25 | Kl 19.00

Insects are disappearing as never seen before. Without insects, the worlds ecosystem stands to a collapse. Join us at our next Food & Talk, where we will talk about the alarming mass extinction of insects, which is happening all over the globe, right now. 
Trine Hahnemann will guide us through an evening with contributions from Thomas Laursen, author of: Vild - Naturen ind i køkkenet, Oliver Maxwell, founder and CEO of Bybi and Thomas Pape, lecturer and curator at Natural History Museum of Denmark.
With this line-up, we are sure to get an interesting evening, where we will have an important talk about the situation we are in right now which will lead us to a world without insects in just 100 years, if we keep on using the same amount of pesticides, as well as having a negative impact on insects habitats. 

You're welcome earlier - the house is open.

Tickets are 150 kr. incl. beetroot- and blackcurrant soup with bread, herbs and creme fraiche