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Auteur Dinner: Newly Single

Film & dinner | Sunday, Sept 30 | 6.30pm


Screening as part of CPH Pix festival 

We are very happy to team up with Auteur Dinner again during Copenhagen Pix festival to host a special film-dinner evening.

Film maker Adam Clark from Los Angeles, will join us to present his new documentary called NEWLY SINGLE

Conversations are always a little cosier over a good meal. Therefore, we invite you together with Auteur to a somewhat different evening, when competent conversations about film meet culinary experiences.

First the pitch-black noir comedy 'Newly Single' will be screened, then dinner will be served.

'Newly Single' is loosely based on the director's own life, and tells the story of the slightly self-centered film director Astor, who on the verge of his major breakthrough manages to break up with his girlfriend and subsequently throws himself head over heels onto the dating scene.

The end of the table will be occupied by the film's American director Adam Christian Clark and the Danish director Christian Tafdrup, who last year caused a stir in the gender debate with the feature film 'A Horrible Woman'.

We look forward to a stage set for a somewhat different conversations over the dinner table. 

The film will be screened in English original version without subtitles. The discussion during dinner will be conducted in English as well.  

Watch the trailer here

You can watch the film trailer here.