Our philosophy

At Hahnemann's Kitchen, we cook food with love. Our two key pillars are: organic produce and sustainability. We take pride in our profession, which is rooted in Scandinavian cooking tradition, and inspired by many different food cultures around the world.

We believe in the importance of transparency and reliability. We believe in walking the talk when it comes to cooking and sourcing.

We are committed to creating a healthy working environment with emphasis on the collaboration within the team. 

Our stance on ecology and sustainability

Environmental responsibility is crucial for our future on this planet. One major task is, and will be, to preserve and strengthen diversity in the nature surrounding us all. This also has to be reflected in the food we serve every day. Therefore, our head chefs are required to always take into account our goals for sustainability and our ambition to increasingly order directly from small local suppliers, within the financial possibilities of our company.

We care about animal welfare and sustainability within meat production. Our chicken and pork will always be either organic or free-range. Furthermore, we get whole organic animals delivered by Herslev Bryghus and apply the nose-to-tail principle with our home-style cooking.

We follow the changing seasons closely and use the best raw material we can find. We are focused on using local produce, while carefully selecting the produce we need from areas further away. 

We are aiming towards the golden organic certificate (90-100% organic) by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food within the first 3 months after opening up. Organic farming is an important part of a sustainable environment, but not all good food is organic, and not all organic food is good. Over the past 10 years though, it has become much easier to live organic in Denmark, because demand is rising, so supply is growing.

How we reduce food waste

Our goal is to reduce food waste to 5% in all of our kitchens. Fact is that we have not reached this goal yet, but we keep food waste already fairly below 10%. We use leftovers from the day before as an extra variation to today’s buffet, so far as our standards aren’t compromised. Working with good quality ingredients, makes our food delicious also on the second day.

How we compose our daily offer

Each day we want to serve a variation of fresh, high-quality food, instead of always serving one wide range of choices. This will make way for an improved experience of taste and less food waste and of course applies to our above-mentioned value of following the seasons and a healthy balance.

Salads are an important part of our buffets, and we have a great many on our repertoire. We make crisp, tasty and healthy salads. Carbohydrate will be part of at least one salad on the buffet.

Hot dishes and soups. We offer hot vegetarian dishes as well as dishes with meat and fish. Our recipe is, quite simply, to bring out the flavor of well-prepared ingredients with a few carefully chosen spices, in a combination so that every ingredient complements the other. A dish has to look good, smell good and, naturally, taste really good. In winter, we do a lot of soups. Soup is a great way to use of all your vegetables.

Bread. We take pride in our bread. We bake it with local flour of highest quality from our close collaborators Skærtoft Mølle.

Cake. We bake a variety of delicious cakes and use the best berries and fruit of the season. We use organic dairy and eggs for baking.

While we strongly believe in healthy and organic food, we also think it is important not to be dogmatic. Food with love is pleasure and fun.